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Lupe Gehrenbeck

Lupe Gehrenbeck

Lupe Gehrenbeck is a playwright and director. In October 2015, she was invited to join the Director’s Unit under Estelle Parsons at the Actors Studio. In 2017, she won her participation in the Playwirghts Directors Workshop of the Actor Studio.

Highlights of her work as a Playwright include: Descubierta (Uncovered); The Girls of Santa Fe; Piñata, Are we going or are we staying?, With an A of Illusion, From Miracielos to Hospital, Gregor Mac Gregor; Eva; Adam; The Guardian Angel; Matarile; Bolívar Coronado; Ni que nos Vayamos nos Podemos ir; Cruz de Mayo; Atrapen a Minnie-Catch Minnie; El Hijo del Presidente Circo Familiar (The Son of the President, Family Circus); This is a Pencil, Helen is a Nurse.

Awarded with Juana Sujo Prize, National Theatre Award in Venezuela, ANAC (Film Authors Association VZLA), CASA, and Actors of the World Award, London, 2008. Nominated for Isaac Chocron Playwright Award, and AVENCRIT (Theater Critics Association of Venezuela) Award, 2015, 2016. Theater Express Conquest, 2016, by SGAE (General Society of Authors and Editors, Spain-), edition award of the play Cruz de Mayo.

Eclepsidra Editors, published the book Gregor Mac Gregor and other plays by Lupe Gehrenbeck, which contents eight of her plays, March 2018, Caracas, Venezuela.

She recently did two workshops for theater professionals, Visual Grammar On Stage (Caracas 2017) Personal Stories, Colective Creation (Caracas 2018).

UNESCO requested her to do a theater project for enhancing resilience in migrant children population. She designed a theater methodology Theater Without Borders, and put it into practice with migrant children, in the south border of Mexico, with the support of UNESCO and UN. The workshop had a great success not only among the kids but among the professionals working locally with the migrant children. UNESCO is publishing a book on the methodology, theory and practice of this way of doing theater.

She is Resident Director of Non-Disposable Theatre and is a founding member of Teatro de la Comarca, HOOK and board of Gimnasio de Actores.  She writes every Tuesday opinion articles on NYC-based ViceVersa Magazine.